What are some good ways of keeping content from be

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I understand that no matter what I do, someone will be able to copy it. However I can still make them work hard for it. What are some good ways of making data not easily copied using php compatible coding.

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The data is a listing of results for certain local sports events. We send people out to collect the information, post the information, make corrections and such. However a competing website takes our results (I know they are directly copying them) and never updates them which causes people to call our office and complain.

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I picked one of them, however I am going to use multiple of your answers. I am going to add my link in a using the copy pasta trick. I am going to put fake hidden text into it. I am also going to do the fake hidden text trick with different versions of the div tag that are fake (making it even harder to scrape or to do something like copy to textpad and replace it real easily), and I am going to talk to a lawyer as well about legal recourse and what I can do to make it illegal for them to copy the data (such as creative bios or something cool like that). Thanks for your help.

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Why are people calling your office to complain if the data is on a competing website? If they have a domain name that is similar enough to yours that people are confusing the two of you or if they've put something on their site that makes it look like you've endorsed them, then you've got them for trademark infringement.

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Joe, you can't really make them work really hard to get your data. It's essentially just a single request to any of your pages. Your best option is to explicitly state that you own the rights to all of your content, and that any infringement on that ownership will lead to legal ramifications*.

* Not a lawyer

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Another option is to use PHP code to generate images from the site's HTML. You would use the images to display the content, instead of HTML which can be easily copied out. Example code is here, and I bet you could find more code to do this by Googling:


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Place some <div style="display: inline; position: absolute; overflow: hidden; width: 0px">useless words</div> in the text. It won't display for reading, but if someone copy and paste... "WOW where it came from WTF!! *CRY*"

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Disable the context menu is a start.

$(document).bind('contextmenu', function(e)
    return false;


<body oncontextmenu="return false;">
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Your data will be copied to every computer that requests the page and it will stay there until the person clears their cache. To answer your question, you can't.

What you can do is create a CSS style such as:

.copy-pasta { display: none; }

And then throughout your content, add something like this:

<p class="copy-pasta">Content provided via <a href="[your url]">[your website here]</a></p>

This will increase your page rank when copy-pasters blatantly steal your content, meaning you will show up first in search results.

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