Whats better using HTML/CSS edited by hand or usin

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For design websites is it better to do it your self by learning HTML/CSS or using web design programs? and why?

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2楼-- · 2019-08-08 01:51

Why should you know about xhtml/css ?

Here is some reasons:

You still think it takes a longer time to design/integrate a website ?

Think of use vi, eclipse, quanta, and probably some others...

3楼-- · 2019-08-08 01:55

Like anything else in technology, learn the core concepts first, and then use a tool to automate the things you have mastered. By doing so, you will gain a better understanding of how everything works together, and you be able to easily tell when something goes wrong. In this way you will not be bound to any one design tool, and can use whatever works best because you understand the core concepts.

In the words of Richard Feynman,

"That which I cannot create, I do not understand."

4楼-- · 2019-08-08 01:57

The absolute best is when you understand what you are doing - you can only do this by coding by hand.

If you don't know HTML or CSS and you use a WYSIWYG editor then how can you be sure everything is right? You can't!

If you have a good understanding of HTML and CSS why would you use a WYSIWYG editor? They make things harder because you can't see the code and extra tags and rules get inserted without you knowing.

Coding by hand is always the best.

5楼-- · 2019-08-08 01:59

I prefer the by hand approach. That way you know exactly what you're getting. Plus I haven't found an editor that produces HTML/CSS that doesn't need some tweaking especially if you are targeting multiple browsers.

6楼-- · 2019-08-08 02:00

I tend to do it all by hand.

  1. Doesn't matter what IDE or server-side language I'm using. Mark up is markup. Being able to do it rapidly by hand is valuable.

  2. More often then not, you'll have to edit some markup manually. By writing it from scratch, you're already very familiar with the structure of the markup. You don't have to spend any time orienting yourself to the designer-generated markup.

  3. Although not necessarily a rule, those who live in the designer I've found to be less sharp in their markup and code craftsmanship.

7楼-- · 2019-08-08 02:01

I'm not going to read the responses, so its quite possible someone has already said this, but oh well.

First and foremost, you should always write out your HTML / CSS by hand. The reason for this is that no matter how advanced an HTML editor is, it will never be as good as it could / should be. For "good" html / css, you will actually end up writing your page in a different order than what you see.

For example, a page that is displayed like:

|logo          |

"should" actually flow as follows:

<h1>title of site</h1>
<div id="content">.....</div>
<ul id="menu">....</ul>
<div id="footer">...</div>

which an HTML editor would simply throw a hissy fit if you did it through the nice pretty gui. What may be advantageous is to use Web Expression 2 or Visual Studio for its intellisense. It may help speed up (or maybe slow down) your learning curb.

I really recommend Transcending CSS Design if you are already familiar with HTML / CSS. Otherwise grab a CSS book first even over an HTML book. Styling through CSS will teach you proper semantic HTML (or should,anyway).

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