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2020-08-26 10:27发布

I am getting an error upon trying to Create New Server Instance Profile (click this to see the image) :

Operation failed: /usr/local/mysql/support-files/mysql.server start is invalid

I am not sure where the setting panel is for the workbench to fix the start and stop commands, and the location of '/usr/local/mysql/support-files/mysql.server'. I am using Zend Server CE and I have no directory called '/usr/local/mysql', instead mysql.server is situated in '/usr/local/zend/mysql/bin' but how do I tell Workbench to look for it in the appropriate place.

The start and stop commands are :

sudo /usr/local/zend/mysql/bin/mysql.server

Again how do I fix this for workbench.

2楼-- · 2020-08-26 11:24

It seems that MySQL Workbench is using a command to start/stop the server that doesn't work for your setting. You should manually correct it.

In the main WB screen, go to Manage Server Instances (near the lower right corner) and select the server instance you are using in the list control to the left. Then go to the System Profile tab and change your commands accordingly.

3楼-- · 2020-08-26 11:29

You can find MySQL setting in your Mac system settings page. Go there, you can start or stop mysql server. It works for me with OSX 10.11.

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