Is it possible to create a file that cannot be cop

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To restrict the scope, let assume we are in Windows world only.

Also assume we don't want to play with permission policy.

Is it possible for us to create a file that cannot be copied?

Thank you in advance.

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When using Windows 7 to copy some files from a hard drive, certain files popped up a message saying they could not be copied in their entirety; certain data would be omitted from the copy. I suspect that had something to do with slack space at the end of the files, though I thought the message was curious. I would have expected the copy operation to just ignore the slack space.

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If in a running process you open a file and hold an exclusive lock, then other processes cannot read the file until you close the handle or your process terminates. However, as admin you could forcibly remove the lock handle.

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Any file that can be read can have its contents written to another location (such as another file, i.e. copied).

The only thing you can do is limit who/what can read the file.

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Well technically you could create and write to a write-only network share.

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This answer is outside Windows so yeah

Dont know if its already been said but what about a file that is an inseperable part of the firmware so that it is always on AND running, perhaps it has firmware that generates a sequence that is required for the other . AN incedental effect of its running is to prevent any 80% or more of its code from being replicated. Lets say its on an entirely different board, protected by surge protectors, heavy em proof shielding and anything else required to make it completely unerasable.
If its possible to make a program that is ALWAYS on and running as long as the copying software is running then yes.

I have another way and this IS with windows. I will come to your house and give you a disk, i will then proceed to destroy every single computer you put the disk into. This doesnt work on XP

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No. You can't create a file that a SYSADMIN can't copy. You could encrypt it, though.

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