Will HTML 5 kill Flash? Is it even worth my time t

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Apple is always in the news these days with "i" this and "i" that. One of the biggest beefs people have with Apple is the lack of Flash support. Last year I held the same belief, Apple's choice to exclude Flash support just seemed senseless. HTML 5 seems to have changed this though. One of the most popular users of Flash is YouTube, and they are already getting on the HTML 5 bandwagon (http://www.youtube.com/html5). Still, I am torn between the two technologies.

What is your take? Is it better for a budding developer to learn Flash or should their efforts be devoted to HTML5?

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2楼-- · 2020-07-02 09:35

Learn as much as you can...whether it's about Flash only, HTML 5 only, or both. If you are talking about the next six months, let's remember that the HTML 5 standard is still not a "standard" yet. Let's also remember Apple doesn't like too much that aren't "Apple". Flash-based video and audio duplicates their QuickTime efforts, so it's obvious why they are going to lobby against putting it in their products.

For rich Internet application development, I do not believe that Apple has a product or technology that directly supports that effort. They can piggyback off of AJAX and Java, but Flash's popularity and market penetration make it a more desirable tool for developers looking to create that type of experience. According to this site, the Flash Player is installed on over 97% of browsers.

Learn Flash now...pick up HTML 5 when it stabilizes...you have time. No reason why you can't have both in your toolbelt.

3楼-- · 2020-07-02 09:35

Flash is a platform. One of the most popular runtimes in the browser plugin. There's not a much better way to get it into the browser.

Adobe started showing this off more as they're adding more export features to Adobe Flash CS5. They hoped to have iPhone export, but they still have a very simple output to HTML5. Adobe might not always make the best decisions, but with the HTML 5 export feature, they might already preparing for HTML5 and the lack of the Flash Browser Plugin on devices. That doesn't mean that their swfs won't runs. Especially when you consider there are already little projects that implement the flash runtime in JavaScript. Sounds great-- Flash without Flash! (only now flashblock might be less effective). Essentially, I see Flash as becoming a very strong HTML5 framework (lots of code behind it).

I'm pretty sure the flash browser plugin will slowly disappear, especially if Adobe embraces HTML5. The tools and frameworks and flash could be useful in a HTML5 environment. There's some interesting stuff there. I'd say its worth your time because there's a lot of concepts in the Flash Platform (and of course a lot of bad ones). A lot of them look like they're going to apply to HTML5 to. Even if the entire Flash Platform dies, there's so many similarities that HTML5 will make a lot of sense-- perhaps even more because you know the flash platform.

4楼-- · 2020-07-02 09:38

Flash is a proprietary system. HTML5 is an open standard. The chances are, even if HTML5 can catch up to Flash right now, Flash will continue to evolve faster than HTML5, because Adobe can do what they want.

As far as I know, HTML5 doesn't support some current features of flash like games at the moment too.

5楼-- · 2020-07-02 09:40

Lets be pragmatic.

Flash will be still alive for some time, at least years, because this kind of technology is too used today to be changed in a short time.

Now, as AS3/Flex is not very hard to understand and use, maybe you should learn about both, one at a time, but both in the end. If you don't have time to learn both (even one after each other), choose the one that seem more suited to your current projects. Be pragmatic.

Because HTML5 will still be a standard and widely used language/platform. It's different from flash (that is more like a cross-platform graphics-oriented engine) but all versions of future websites will exploit it.

6楼-- · 2020-07-02 09:42

It's difficult to speak in general terms and pick one over the other. One is a animation plugin and the other is a markup language. You'll always need markup, flash relies it to run. HTML5 will not kill off Flash. The question is will Flash be able to gain any kind of foothold in the smart phone market. So far it's not going Adobe's way. On the desktop Flash is still going strong.

I certainly think Flash is worth while learning. Especially if you're in the communications based industry like advertising and publishing. Learning the tools to create motion based content can never hurt. Don't forget that when push comes to shove Adobe can have Flash Pro tools render out to HTML5 based content. You won't be left high and dry.

These days I only work with HTML/CSS/JavaScript but I also have a fair amount of Flash experience and I'm happy that I do. Having knowledge of one enhances the other. So, focus on one, but learn both. You won't regret it.

7楼-- · 2020-07-02 09:48

This might be an unpopular answer, but Flash won't be going away anytime soon. Don't listen to what Apple says, check job offerings instead. Things get hyped up easily, and while Flash'es lifetime may be numbered right now, its not like its going away in 2 weeks.

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