The uploaded image not displayed after ajax upload

2020-08-01 19:09发布


I did an ajax upload with php.Everything wiil be perfect in firefox.

But when i test it in chrome browser its not working correctly.

That means it displays this :

This is my ajax upload code:

        var cntUp = 0;
        var btnUpload=$('#upload0');
        var status=$('#status');
        var state='left_front';

        new AjaxUpload(btnUpload, {
            action: 'upload-file.php',
            data: {saleid: $("#hid_saleid").val(),imag_state:state,custom:$('#custom').val()},
            name: 'uploadfile',
            onSubmit: function(file, ext){
                 if (! (ext && /^(jpg|png|jpeg|gif)$/.test(ext))){ 
                    // extension is not allowed 
                    alert('Only JPG, PNG or GIF files are allowed');
                    return false;
                    'saleid': $("#hid_saleid").val(),

            onComplete: function(file, response){
                var array_data=response.split('***');   
                var  fname= array_data[1];  
                var rand=Math.floor((Math.random()*10)+1); 
                var saleid = $("#hid_saleid").val();
                var custom = $('#custom').val();
                //On completion clear the status
                status.text('image uploaded');
                //Add uploaded file to list
                if (response.toLowerCase().indexOf("success") >= 0 ) {
                    var image='<img src="uploads/'+saleid+'/'+fname+'" alt=""  width="131px" height="125px"/>';

                }  else{


This is the html code:

<div class="brwse_box">
<div style="float:left;" id="upload0">
<h3>Left Front</h3>

<img src="images/upload.gif" />
<div style="float:right; width:131; height:125" id="img0">
<?php if($l_ft==''||$l_ft==NULL) { ?>
  <img src="images/no-photo-lft-frnt.jpg"  id="bg"/>
<?php } if($l_ft!=''||$l_ft!=NULL){?>
   <img src="uploads/<?php echo $var_sid;?>/<?php echo $l_ft;?>" id="bg" width="131px" height="125px"/>
<?php }?>
</div><!--browse_box ENDS-->

How can i solve this?

It displaying image in firefox.but in chrome not displaying image instead of that displaying html of image tag.


This is the value return in fname variable:

left_front.jpg<div id=isChromeWebToolbarDiv" style="display:none"></div>


It seems you have a problem in the src string. Check it for escape characters... I'd say it's possible that fname contains quotes...

EDIT: What "isChromeWebToolbarDiv"?

fname = fname.replace(new RegExp("<div id=isChromeWebToolbarDiv(.*)</div>"),'');

or simply

fname = fname.replace(new RegExp("<div(.*)</div>"),'');


after your EDIT on question, it came to know that

is coming in src

This is caused by a Chrome extension called DVDvideosoftTB. It appears to append the above HTML to file upload requests. You can easily disable it:

  • Click on the Wrench icon
  • Click "Tools"
  • Click "Extensions"
  • Disable DVDvideosoftTB