How to pass % in a URL query string?

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I am trying to pass a string via HTTP request which has one of the character as % in the URL query string.

url = url + "?q=" + str + "&block=" + block;  // str contains the '%' character

But on the ColdFusion page where I'm sending this information is returning following error:

Element Q is undefined in URL.

How can I encode the % sign in a URL?


You should url-encode all the values you are passing as query parameters, but the url-encoding for % is %25

Update: if you're constructing the query parameters in javascript, you probably want to do:


(Updated again with ZeissS' very helpful suggestion to use encodeURIComponent instead of escape. See also


Pass your string trough the function encodeURI(...) it will escape all the special characters not only the %




URLEncodedFormat() in ColdFusion


We can use URLEncodedFormat() in ColdFusion as well as we can use the below mentioned one.

  • encodeURI(...)
  • encodeURIComponent

This two also help us to resolve our issue.

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