Difference between array and object in javascript?

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How to recognize array & object in js where typeof doesn’t come in handy?

 var arr = [], ob = {};

As everything in js are objects,

if(typeof arr == typeof ob)  => returns true

I want a operator or ... that will tell me that the variable is an array. I can then use only the arrayfunctions to objects which are array. How is that possible?


var arr = [], ob = {};

As everything in js are objects, even **Array is an Object but an instance of class Array

if(typeof arr == typeof ob)  => returns true as Both are **Objects

So, how will you to identify objects.

This is where instanceof operator comes in handy, to identify whether its an array you can put a additional check cde:

if(arr instanceof Object && arr instanceof Array) => returns true 
if(ob instanceof Object && ob instanceof Array) => returns false 


You could use Array.isArray() method to check if a variable is array or otherwise.

var myArray = [1,2,3,4,5];



Among numerous simple/sophisticated comparisons, one difference is:

var arr = []; # arr.length => 0

var obj = {}; # obj.length => undefined


There are multiple ways of differentiating between array and object, some on them are already mentioned above i would like to just add on above answers.

First Approach Differentiation using length, length property exist on Array but doesn't exist on Object

 var arr = [1,2,3];  arr.length => 3

 var obj = {name: 'name'}; obj.length => undefined

Note: This approach fails when someone declares object like below, we can use this approach only when we are sure we will not get any object having length property

var rectangle = {length: 50, width: 50}; rectangle.length => 50

Second Approach Using instanceof Array

var arr = [1,2,3]; arr instanceof Array => true
var obj = {name: 'name'}; ojb instanceof Array => false 

Third Approach Using Array.isArray, this is most preferable approach and is supported by most of browser now

Note: Array.isArray is preferred over instanceof because it works through iframes.

Array.isArray(arr) => true
Array.isArray(obj) => false

If you want to support i.e 8 browser the use Object.prototype.toString We can write polyfill for i.e 8

if (!Array.isArray) {
Array.isArray = function(arg) {
return Object.prototype.toString.call(arg) === '[object Array]';

Object.prototype.toString.call(arr); =>"[object Array]"
Object.prototype.toString.call(obj); =>"[object Object]"

Reference: isArray

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