How to zoom out from Google maps in Android Emulat

2020-06-30 12:09发布


I am testing a map based app on the emulator. I have zoomed into the map by double clicking with the mouse on the screen, but can not zoom out.

Please tell me how to zoom out?


Double-click then hold the second click and move the mouse up(zoom out) or down(zoom in).


if you use mac you should press cmd + press the mouse and move it diagonally


Above answer didn't work.

For me on Windows these worked -

  1. Trackpad - Press and hold Ctrl + double click and hold on a second click + drag in and out the cursor to zoom out and in respectively.

  2. Trackpad/Mouse - Press and hold Ctrl + click left button + drag in and out the cursor to zoom out and in respectively.

  3. Touch screen - Press and hold Ctrl + drag in and out on the screen to zoom out and in respectively.


On windows + android studio emulator, press the ctrl key when emulator is in focus and mouse is inside the emulator / google maps app. You will see two green spots connected by a green line pop up. Move the mouse away from the center point while still holding the Ctrl key.

Left click (while still having the Ctrl key pressed) to confirm the zoom.

The longer the line, the more the map will zoom out.

Double click to zoom in.


There is a way to zoom out of the emulator screen. After you have zoomed in appropriately and want to zoom out (return to original state), simply click the same zoom button again.

If instead, you want to zoom out in stages like the way you zoomed in, click the right mouse button.

Hope it helps you.